401(k) Retirement Plan

A Secure Future Begins Now

Being retirement ready is an important part of financial wellness. The key to success is to start saving now. The Cradlepoint 401(k) Plan, administered by T. Rowe Price, offers a variety of investment options, including both a traditional pre-tax plan and a Roth after-tax plan. The company generously matches employee 401(k) contributions to help grow your retirement savings.


You are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan on the first of the month after becoming a covered employee. And, you will be automatically enrolled into the traditional, pre-tax plan at 6% of your base earnings. This helps you maximize the Cradlepoint Company Match (more on that below). When eligible, you may change your enrollment, designate beneficiaries, and allocate your asset distribution at any time. You do not need to wait for annual enrollment to make changes. You will enroll or make changes to your 401(k) plan directly through the T. Rowe Price website.

The Cradlepoint 401(k) Contribution Match

Cradlepoint contributes to your 401(k) plan, when you contribute as well. Here’s how the company match works: Cradlepoint will match your contributions dollar-for-dollar for the first 3% of base pay, and 50% on the next 2% you contribute. The total company match is up to 4% if you contribute 5%. You are immediately vested in the company’s contributions. For more information, reach out to the Cradlepoint Human Resources department.

Helpful Tips on Saving for Retirement

  • Start saving as soon as possible to grow your retirement account.
  • Begin with small contributions, if necessary, and increase contributions over time.
  • Make setting aside money for retirement a habit.
  • Understand investment returns may fluctuate.
  • Let it sit. Avoid penalties by leaving funds in your 401(k) until retirement.
  • If you change jobs, you can roll over your retirement account.

For more information or to access your account, visit rps.troweprice.com or call 1-800-922-9945.